The Kingdom of Mustang, Tibet


The Kingdom of Mustang, Tibet

Why now

Prior to 1992 no Europeans were officially allowed to set foot in Mustang, now only 700 visitors are permitted each year. It is one of the few places where you can still witness untouched Tibetan culture.

When to go

May to October for the best weather and perfect views. Try and go during the Tiji Festival if you can, a celebration of good over evil.

Who to take with you

A guide.

Most likely to bump into

Not many people. Only about 1,000 people go each year.

Don't miss

Dozens of white-washed Buddhist monasteries and the ancient capital city of Lo Manthang where the royal family still reside.

An essential you need to bring with you

A scarf or something to cover your face from wind and sand.

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