West Yellowstone, Montana

West Yellowstone, Montana


West Yellowstone, Montana, USA

Why now?

West Yellowstone, Montana lies adjacent to Yellowstone National
Park and is charmingly stuck in a time warp – here a small-town
vibe mixes with old-school signage. You’ll find the ultimate
glamping experience (a beautiful haven tucked in the mountains)
only ten minutes up the road from the main park entrance.
Yellowstone Under Canvas has plenty of luxury amenities, making
sleeping outdoors seem almost too comfortable to be true. With
beautiful tents and a rustic energy, the site is perfect for those
of us who want a camping experience without the hassle of a
backpack and tent.

When to go?

Between September and November. The weather is mild during this
time of year, and there are usually plenty of animal sightings. The
leaves will be changing, the summer crowds will be gone and the
temperature is still warm enough for camping outside and hiking (temperatures do often fluctuate though, so be
sure to pack a few extra blankets and jumpers).

Most likely to bump into…

A park ranger or a family of bison.

Who to take with you?

A friend who loves camping under the stars, but not afraid of

Don’t miss

To make the most of your days, check out the bubbling
multicoloured mud at the Fountain Paint Pot and hike to
Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon.

An essential to bring with you?

A camera to capture the sights during the day, and the brilliant
stars at night. And a can of bear spray.

How to get there?

If you’re from the USA, taking a road trip to West Yellowstone is a beautiful,
scenic way to get there. If not, take a flight to Montana and rent
a car or take a bus in.

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