Dita Von Teese Castaway Q & A

Dita Von Teese Castaway Q & A

We caught up with Dita Von Teese − the woman who breathed new life into the art of burlesque. Here she shares the items she can’t live without.

if she was washed up on a desert island, we’re sure Dita
Von Teese − the woman who breathed new life into the art of
burlesque − would still manage to find a stage on which to perform.
And watching from the audience you might find Bear Grylls and
Captain Jack Sparrow as well as her beloved cat Aleister.

What skill do you have that would be useful on a desert

Decorating a hut.

What characteristic would be most destructive?

Having to eat every few hours.

What talent do you possess which would be of no use?

Setting my hair in hot rollers.

Your ideal island companion?

Bear Grylls.

What fictional character would you bring along?

Captain Jack Sparrow, because I’m sure he would know how to hang
out on an island.

If you could take three possessions with you what would they

A big sunhat, my cat Aleister and a warm fur coat for chilly

What’s the first thing you do when you discover that you’re

I would probably panic about how I’m going to keep warm when it
gets cold.

If you were stuck forever what would be your biggest

Whatever got me into that position – whatever landed me there,
that’s what I would regret doing.

Something you wouldn’t miss from home?

Mass shootings and the other awful things that are happening in
the world.

The luxury item you would miss the most?

My wardrobe and electricity.

The song that would keep you sane?

Club Tropicana by Wham!

The one book you would bring?

It would need to be a huge book. Maybe Gone with the Wind for a
bit of glamour.

What meal would you dream of?

A delicious steaming hotpot pie.

Leonardo in The Beach or Tom Hanks in Cast Away?


Hunter or gatherer?


Netflix or sex?

Sex. Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric
by Dita Von Teese, published by Dey Street Books/Harper
Collins, is on sale now.

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