A Curated To-Do List of Istanbul by Dyala Nusseibeh

A Curated To-Do List of Istanbul by Dyala Nusseibeh

NATALIE HAIMO: What are you most looking forward to at
ARTINTERNATIONAL and the Biennial this year?

DYALA NUSSEIBEH: It’s hard to highlight just a
few elements. But we are especially happy to welcome, through
generous support of the Catalan government, 12 galleries from Art
Barcelona (Associació de Galeries). The other section I always look
forward to is By the Waterside, the fair’s dedicated sculpture
terrace. This year By the Waterside will include works by acclaimed
artists including Rada Boukova, Guido Casaretto, Karl Karner, Şakir
Gökçebağ, Erbossyn Meldibekov, Stefan Nikolaev, Ichwan Noor, Javier
Pérez, Paul Schwer and Walid Siti.

NH: How is this year’s ARTINERNATIONAL different from
the previous one?

DN: ARTINTERNATIONAL received a record number
of applicants this year. Participants in our upcoming edition come
from 27 countries spanning Europe, North America, South America,
the Middle East, Central Asia, India and China. In terms of the
artistic programme, this year we have new guest curators such as
Paolo Chiasera contributing to the programme as well as a different
theme for the Videos on Stage section curated by Basak Senova.

NH: Art fairs can be overwhelming. Any tips on how to
get the most out of the experience?

DN: Yes – arrive early the day after the
preview – the fair will be emptier so you will be able to wander
around and see the art works without being too distracted by the
crowds. Or spend the first hour of the preview just looking at
works as afterwards it becomes far harder to actually see the art.
Speak to gallerists even if you don’t know them – they love to
answer questions about works by their artists and will appreciate
genuine interest. Have a look at the works that will be showing
online prior to arriving at the fair so that you have a must-see
list in mind before getting there. This year our collaboration with
Artsy will provide a digital preview of the fair. Launching on the
27 August, the online preview will enable visitors to connect with
galleries and see what’s on offer in advance.

NH: Any up-and-coming Turkish artists on your

DN: Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Ahmet
Ogut, Sinan Logie, Emre Hüner, Banu Cennetoĝlu and Nevin

NH: Where is the must-be-seen place in the city at the

DN: Soho House – try their cappuccino martinis!
Colonie in Karaköy has great food and ambience. Karaköy Lokantası
for Turkish meze. Mikla’s terrace for a post-work drink. Dinner at
Spago. The list continues…

NH: Best place for a pick-me-up Turkish

DN: Aşk café in Kuruçeşme.

NH: Best place to unwind after a long day?

DN: The spa at Raffles.

NH: What shops would you recommend to those looking to
pick up local artisanal souvenirs?

DN: Midnight Express, A La Turca, the Spice
Market, Armaggan for luxury artisanal souvenirs, Hamm and Hiç in
Tophane for contemporary design meets craftsmanship.

NH: Your suitcase doesn’t make the flight. What’s the
one-stop-shop for an art-fair appropriate outfit?

DN: Visit Mapa, they have a great range of
casual-chic dresses, pants and tops. Otherwise Studio in Galata
showcasing Yasemin Özeri and clothes by Bis Wear designer Reyhan

NH: For a first-timer, what’s the one thing not to miss
in Istanbul?

DN: The Harem at Topkapi Palace, the underwater
cisterns in Sultan Ahmet, Hagia Sophia and of course

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September, Istanbul plays host to ARTINTERNATIONAL and the
Biennial to showcase some of the most exciting modern and
contemporary art from around the world. Given the city’s countless
exhibition spaces and museums the perfect art-world immersion trip
takes some planning. To get the most out of the experience, we
spoke with Dyala Nusseibeh, the Fair Director of ARTINTERNATIONAL,
for insider tips on how to best navigate the fair and city for an
authentic and unforgettable trip.