A Very Italian Summer

A Very Italian Summer

couple of summers ago I weaved my way through Italy, the rich
colours of its cities and coastline illuminated by the bright
sky. With some of the most beautiful views and delicious food in
Europe, it’s the perfect summer getaway.

Beginning in the north, an ethereal world is captured on a
series of islands where sea water gently laps against the ancient
brickwork of a flooded city. As the evening draws in, gondolas
float through the streets of Venice
beneath a peach-pink sky.

Heading south, brightly coloured Vespa’s roam the hills of
Florence, the beating heart of the renaissance. There are
uninterrupted views of Brunelleschi’s dome peeking out above a sea
of red-tiled roofs, while down into the valley the Ponte Vecchio
floats above the river, its majestic form juxtaposed with
architectural additions jutting out below.

To Rome,
a modern metropolis of bustling streets snaking around the ruins of
an ancient city. Small winding alleys thick with the smell of
strongly brewed coffee lead to magnificent, enduring architecture.

Beneath the silhouette of Mount Vesuvius lies the ash-covered
ruins of Pompeii. Cobbled streets weave their way through a
two-thousand-year-old city, preserved by encrusted ash falling from
the eruptive volcano.

Winding round the coast to the town of Amalfi, candy-coloured
parasols line the beaches. Rising above, whitewashed buildings hug
the rugged cliffs, clustering into a scattering of villages. The
journey ends as the sun begins to dip behind the undulating
landscape, a now golden sea mist disperses its way through the
village, as the smell of freshly squeezed lemons clings to the sea

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