The Conscious Home Workout: Eco-Friendly Kit to Shop Now

The Conscious Home Workout: Eco-Friendly Kit to Shop Now

Give your home workout an eco-conscious upgrade with the SUITCASE edit of sustainable gym kit. Expect planet-friendly pilates balls, cork foam rollers and vegan-approved boxing bags.

the yo-yo opening and closing of our favourite boutique
gyms (boo), we’ve had to dig out our pocket
personal trainers
and virtual workout apps to keep fit at home.
In addition to our daily walks and 10,000-strong step counts, we’re
bolstering our workouts with these pieces of planet-friendly

Ideal for small spaces (read: our bedroom), they’re an
and design-forward alternative to ten-a-penny
plastic gear. Plus you can polish your eco-halo and your abs at the
same time. Win, win.

Planet-friendly pilates balls, cork foam rollers and
vegan-approved boxing bags: eco-equipment for you home

Maple Expander by Kenko


Creating muscle-making equipment that matches our obsession with
Japandi interiors (yes, that’s Japanese and Scandinavian design
combined and it’s definitely a thing) are fitness disruptors Kenko.
Each piece of gym equipment is crafted from natural materials such
as wood or cork and carved by a team of local artisans. This
maple-wood expander works your upper body and legs while
maintaining that sleek aesthetic we’re vibing with right now –
practical and pretty. Like this? Order the sleek Maple Dumbbell set next.

Buy now at Bombinate £72.00

The Main Squeeze Band


Designed by Instagram fitness sensation Grace Beverley – who
also owns the inclusivity-championing gym wear brand TALA – this
resistance band is latex-free and made from custom
cotton-and-rubber blend, meaning its vegan-friendly and won’t roll
up while you’re smashing your set. Pop it in the sustainable cotton
drawstring pouch once you’re finished.

Buy now at Shreddy £14.00

Cream Eco Yoga Mat

Complete Unity Yoga

The humble yoga mat has had a planet-friendly upgrade. Made in
the UK and without the plastic, Complete Unity Yoga mats are
ethically crafted from 100 per cent natural tree rubber. Should you
wish to recycle it – you won’t, we’ve road-tested a lot of yoga
mats in our time and this non-slip, non-stick, cushioned version
makes holding cobra pose a breeze – it’s biodegradable.

Buy now at Complete Unity Yoga£62.00

Gym Dumbbells White Marble 8.Kilo Piece by And Jacob

Wolf & Badger

So these may be the bougiest dumbbells we’ve ever pumped.
Certainly not ones to drop on your tootsies, but And Jacob’s
made-from-marble dumbbells are also a friendlier alternative to the
plastic-coated versions we’ve used before. Although it’s not often
touted as a sustainable material, marble actually ranks quite
highly in the green stakes thanks to the fact it’s carved, not
created. Fallen off your fitness game? We shouldn’t say it but they
make great bookends. Jane Fonda would not approve.

Buy now at Wolf & Badger£98.00

M Life Mini Massage Foam Roller

M Life London

M Life prides itself on providing wellness-centric products that
are free from latex and harmful phthalates historically they’ve
been added to plastics and vinyls to increase their flexibility and
softness. This mini version also fits neatly into our carry on, so
it’s as good for on the road as at home.

Buy now at M Life London£12.00

Yoga block bamboo


Part of Casall’s pioneering Conscious Bamboo series – including
a foam roller, athleisure wear and a yogi-approved mat – these
lightweight, nifty blocks help level up your yoga sessions. Better
yet, they’re made from bamboo and rice husks, and produced using
renewable energy sources.

Buy now at Casall £34.95

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves in White/ Black

Sugar Ray’s

Since we’ve switched Netflix binging for BLOKtv
workout marathons, we’ve developed a passion for punching things.
The air, mainly. Upping our workout game (and feeling pretty
profesh in the process) are these elite (yes, that’s how we’re
describing our left hook now) gloves crafted from a specialist
Skintex leather – not a leather at all but a vinyl alternative
making it vegan-friendly and a slightly more planet-positive

Buy now at Sugar Ray’s£65.00

Biodegradable Cork Massage Ball

Modern Exercise Goods

The Net-a-Porter of conscious clothing doesn’t just service our
wardrobe with waste-free garms – it has branched out into workout
gear too. Helping soothe and untwist slumped shoulders and
post-workout kinks are these MEG (Modern Exercise Goods) cork
balls. Not only do they fix niggles and knots but they’re also
naturally biodegradable should you want to bin them.

Buy now at Modern Exercise Goods£16.00

Halo Bottle in Riviera


Our number one workout companion. Fact. We rarely leave the
house without our eco-conscious Halo water bottle, never mind
sweating it out without it by our side. Plus, it’s super
lightweight and fits snuggly into our pockets making it ideal for
when we’re pounding the pavement or clocking up some serious
kilometres running around the park.

Buy now at SUITCASE£28.00

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