Bedouins: The Desert Dwellers of South Sinai

Bedouins: The Desert Dwellers of South Sinai

living in
Tel Aviv
, I would often travel to South Sinai in Egypt. When
there, I spent the majority of my time among the nomadic Bedouin
tribe, documenting their daily rituals.

The Bedouins are a group of nomadic Arab people who,
historically, have inhabited the desert regions in North Africa and
parts of the Middle East including
, Jordan,
Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The vast majority of Bedouin
adhere to Islam, although there are a smaller number of
Arab-Christian Bedouins.

The English word “Bedouin” comes from the Arabic badawī, which
means “desert dweller.” My photography series portrays the life of
the Bedouin community living in South Sinai, in the towns of

, Nuweiba and Ras Abu Galum, and their unique cultural
practices. Traditions like camel-riding and camping in the deserts
are popular leisure activities for urbanised Bedouins who live in
the region today. | @sharonzobalitravel

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