Photo Journal: Endless Summer

Endless Summer is an ongoing body of work which conveys the nostalgic thoughts and feelings of my childhood spent along the shore. The series of beaches is inspired by memories of never-ending days floating in the water, jumping waves, surfing with my dad and basking in the sun. It was a simpler time, and one of the only times in my life that I can remember feeling nothing more than pure happiness.

For over a decade, I have been photographing beachscapes and have spent the past year hanging out of helicopters everywhere from Australia, Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Hawaii, getting a bird's eye view of sun lovers around the world and exploring aerial imagery. At first glance, these works may read as abstract, but with a closer look, viewers peruse umbrellas, sunbathers, swimmers and surfers scattered about the scene, creating a colourful composition. My lens not only captures the blissful moments of those in the photograph, but also allows the viewer to reflect on their own memories and attempts to evoke similar emotions of serenity and joy.

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