For Love Or Money: How to Consciously Support the Travel Industry

For Love Or Money: How to Consciously Support the Travel Industry

In episode 4 of The Upgrade podcast, we consider what it really means to “spend like a local”. We tot up the ways you can make sure your pennies are being pocketed by the right people, while spotlighting the pioneering companies leading the way in community-focused tourism.

the world starts to open up again (kind of) we’re following
the money and making sure your travel pennies are being pocketed by
the communities that need them the most. Purchasing power – whether
at home or abroad – is so important, even more so now as
communities struggle to get back on their feet. Join us, as we pick
apart what it means to “spend like a local”, while spotlighting the
neighbourhood initiatives helping us become more thoughtful

We’re also joined by @brucepoontip, the founder of G Adventures,
which has been pioneering community-based tourism for more than 30
years. He shares with us his top tips for spending locally, his
thoughts on the post-pandemic travel landscape and how he balances
being green with his love of venturing around the globe.

We’d love to know where you’re going next and how you think the
travel landscape might change as lockdown restrictions ease. Send
your voice notes to [email protected] or drop us
a DM on Instagram @indiadowley and @fleur_rm.

Catch up with our latest episode below.

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