Global Young Designer Spotlight: Vanda Jacintho

Global Young Designer Spotlight: Vanda Jacintho

Inspired by the earth, various art mediums and her love of travelling, designer Vanda Jacintho creates versatile resort wear and statement jewellery. Here she shares how her Brazilian heritage shaped her career.

by the earth, various art mediums and her love of
travelling, designer Vanda Jacintho creates versatile
resort wear and statement jewellery. The once fashion editor and
stylist translates Brazilian landscapes and wildlife into bold,
sleek prints with skilful interpretations resulting in chic looks
and clean cuts. The collection is a modern woman’s dream, full of
multipurpose items able to be worn in many ways.

While her clothing line came first, the jewellery is equally
remarkable. Chunky chain necklaces, resin cuffs and beaded fringe
earrings are just a few favourites in the quirky collection. By
incorporating wood, a tortoiseshell pattern and floral shapes into
her designs, Vanda clearly aligns her inspiration with nature once
again. While both the ready-to-wear and jewellery line sit within
the resort category, we’re definitely sneaking pieces into our
everyday wear.


Vanda Jacintho


Vanda Jacintho




São Paulo and London.

Type of Brand:

Resort wear and accessories.

Where can we find you?

Moda Operandi, Barneys and Matches Fashion from November

Who is the ideal Vanda Jacintho customer?

Polished with a wild attitude. A globetrotter who travels light
and looks for easy pieces to be worn day and night.

Where do your materials come from?

The silk comes from
, the wood is imbuia wood from the forest in Brazil and
the resin comes from Brazil.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Brazil’s countryside in a place called Pantanal.
It’s an untamed landscape full of animals and wetland.

Have you lived anywhere else?

I lived in London for six years while at university and spent
time in Saigon as well as Shanghai for work. When travelling on
business, I like to immerse myself in different cultures and spend
as much time as possible in each place. This allows me to link my
work process to that of the locals. For example, in Vietnam I
worked with a printing factory to produce bikinis. During this
process, I enriched my knowledge of prints, colours, silk and

Why did you choose Brazil as the home base for your brand?

After a career in styling I decided to study resin and metal
accessories design in London. In search of a new challenge, I
returned to Brazil to launch my brand, which somehow happened very
naturally. I chose Brazil as the starting point for Vanda Jacintho
because we have ten months of summer, which allows resort wear to
flourish more than anywhere in the world.

What inspires your designs?

My designs are inspired by sensuality, purity, madness and
genderless culture. Sometimes I put on classical music, close my
eyes and imagine the outfit I would dance to the music in.

How does your inspiration change from season to season?

My inspiration changes according to my travels, the books I
read, interesting exhibitions I visit and anything that encourages
creative thinking.

Why is versatility important to you?

Versatility is freedom – nowadays everyone has such hectic and
busy schedules, which can make us forget about the small things
that matter. I enjoy changing my look throughout the day according
to my mood. For example, during my days as a fashion editor I would
wear trousers as sleeves and turn two scarves into a beautiful

How does your brand reflect your personal style and how does it

The brand reflects me and my needs, but also my environment and
the people around me. Before Vanda Jacintho, I created beach wear
for years and when I stopped I only continued to design silk
sarongs for myself and my friends. It turned out there was a gap in
the market for luxury beach wear and this is partly what inspired
me to launch my namesake brand and continue with resort-wear.

What does fashion mean to you?


Why do you care about it?

In my opinion, fashion has a tremendous effect on how you see
and experience the world around you.

What interests you about prints?

Growing up in the countryside I was surrounded by nature,
textures and animals, so my printed work today reflects what I
experienced at the time. Prints, colour combinations and unique
textures are at the core of my design process.

Why did you decide to create a brand centred around the
traveller’s lifestyle?

Besides my love of travel and exploration, I identified a gap in
the market for luxury resort wear that is a bit dressier, pieces
that can be worn not only at the beach but also at an evening
event. Most brands that do resort wear use cotton, which can be
seen as more casual.

What is your relationship with travel?

If I could, I would travel 365 days a year non-stop. I love the
feeling of freedom and exploration.

What relationship do you see between your brand’s clothes and

They complement each other; they are full of contradictions
which makes them work well together.

What do you find most surprising about Brazil?

The people and places.

What was the most exciting moment for the label over the past
two years?

Working with ONGs that give opportunities to people who don’t
always have them. For example, our beads are embroidered by Orienta
Vida ONG, an organisation which helps give women more

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