Gone Project Mexico

Gone Project Mexico

as the starting point an old friendship and a shared
passion for travel and photography, Anastasia Fugger and Carolina
Pimenta’s gone project Mexico (or [gone] MEXICO) offers a distinct
way of exploring a location through the collaboration of two

In 2014 the two photographers embarked on a month-long excursion
through Mexico – from the Yucatan Peninsula to Chiapas all the way
down to the pacific coast of Oaxaca. Roaming through the rugged
highlands and the jungle of southern Mexico, they encountered some
of the most magical Mayan archaeological sites and Spanish colonial
towns in the region. Walking through every open door and allowing
their curiosity to lead the way, Fugger and Pimenta were on a quest
to explore the unknown.

Their aim was to produce a group of work that fuses two pairs of
photographic eyes in the same place at the same time, while
profiling distinct scenes of Mexican Culture and the extraordinary
adventure this country has to offer.

The images are always displayed in pairs, allowing a visual
dialogue to emerge between the shared experiences and encounters of
both photographers. By questioning their relationship and
acknowledging their differences through their travels, Fugger and
Pimenta were able to create a diary of images that compliment each

[gone] MEXICO is the beginning of the [gone] project series, a
long-term project through which Carolina Pimenta and Anastasia
Fugger will travel the world: “We want to capture a different
perspective of travelling the world and animate others to do the

Over the past few years [gone] MEXICO has been shown in New York
City, Munich, Porto, Lisbon and London.

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