Good Morning, Vietnam

Good Morning, Vietnam

since starting a new job after graduating from university,
I felt like something was missing. So I threw caution to the wind,
embraced the cliché booked a trip to Southeast Asia to “find
myself”. I’d visited Thailand the year before and heard endless
stories about how incredible Vietnam is, so I was desperate to see
it for myself.

Upon arriving in Ho Chi Minh, I was hit by the vibrant culture
in the form of bustling streets, busy people, towers of exotic
fruit and veg and sizzling food stands on every corner. From there,
I ventured across the rest of the country on motorbike until
reaching Hanoi. There is no more liberating feeling than having the
dirt in your eyes as you swerve past trucks, the wind whipping your
face as you bend and lean with every curve of a mountain. The
energy pulsed through my soul and I felt alive.

Vietnam is a country rich in both beautiful landscapes and
beautiful souls. The Vietnamese are such a welcoming, friendly lot
that it was often as if I was among family. I am fascinated by
people everywhere I travel, and my primary focus in photography is
to capture everyday life and my interactions with others. In this
series I have tried to convey my experiences with both people and
nature. I found the happiness I was looking for – and much more
than that.

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