Grand Dishes: Cooking with Grannies Around the World

Grand Dishes: Cooking with Grannies Around the World

From Corfu to Cuba, Moscow to New Orleans, a legion of global grandmothers’ time-perfected dishes, recipes and the rich lives distilled within them are being celebrated.

It’s not about what it’s like to be old. It’s about what it’s like to have lived.

themselves on a four-year recipe hunt – passing through
, New
and Mississippi – journalist Anastasia Miari and
creative director Iska Lupton travelled the world in search of
inspiring grannies. From dumplings to desserts; chutneys to
coronation chicken; dishes crafted over stoves and open flames,
these fierce, global grannies lifted the lid on their most
treasured recipes.

Celebrating the time-perfected dishes of the world’s
grandmothers and the rich lives distilled within them, the Grand Dishes book
captures cooking methods, timeless wisdom and regional recipes.
Some of which, without preservation, risk being lost forever.
Filled with stories and a handful of seasoned kitchen tips and
tricks, this is a love letter to food ready to be passed from one
generation to generation.

After all, there’s no food quite like grandma’s cooking.

The Lowdown

The Grand Dishes book is published by Unbound. Head here
to purchase your copy or follow @granddishes on Instagram.

10% of the book’s profits go to the Campaign to End Loneliness,
a charity that shares our positive perspective on later life.

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