Gray Malin: Balloon Animal Safari in Namibia

LA local Gray Malin's photography provides a sense of joyful escapism, with pieces that strike the perfect balance between the commercial and the art worlds. His work has seen him commence an ongoing collaboration with lifestyle brand Orlebar Brown, and his images have been displayed in impressive interior spaces, such as J. Crew's flagship store in London. Malin's passion for both photography and for interior design is evident in his awe-inspiring images − which are orchestrated with the ultimate objective of being displayed on an interior wall.

The photographer's work took flight, quite literally, when he produced the first of his Aerial series; bird's-eye-view images of the world's most popular beaches. In these celebrated overhead images, Malin adopts an elevated angle in order to highlight the compositions and intriguing patterns that develop from the activities of organised human leisure. His latest Namibia series displays a grounded view of kitsch modern celebratory decorations, juxtaposed against the often stark, arid backdrops of the Namibian desert and the surrounding grassland. The result is a delightful procession of playful mirages; a refreshing and unique take on African landscape photography.

The power behind Malin's images lies in the delight the viewer receives at being able to capture a moment that, in the photographer's words, will 'beckon you to live within it'. From his ironic gold balloon lettering to his zany animal portraiture and even his graphic black and white shots, there is an optimistic quality to his work that leaves the audience feeling ever so slightly but undeniably uplifted.