Jewellery Shopping and the Lesser-Known Suburbs of Paris with Stone Paris Founder Marie Poniatowski

Jewellery Shopping and the Lesser-Known Suburbs of Paris with Stone Paris Founder Marie Poniatowski

has an understated glamour; a sort of blasé-ness and undulating
romanticism. Whatever it is, founder of Stone Paris, Marie Poniatowski possesses the same
preserving quality in spades.

Joining her father (the creative director at French Vogue) on
photo shoots with Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton as a child
undoubtedly trained the jewellery designer’s magpie-sharp eye,
while her interior-designer
mother gave her a taste for beautiful things. Then there’s the fact
that Grace Kelly was a family friend.

Creating pendants, rings and bracelets inspired by travel
memories, Marie Poniatowski’s vision for Stone Paris was, and
remains, “to create a line of jewellery that women could buy for
themselves, and for friends”. It’s those same early years of Coco
Chanel pragmatism that has elevated Poniatowski to cult status
among in-the-know Parisiennes.

Making le papotage (small talk) over
romantic spots
in Paris, Bazoches-sur-Guyonne’s suburban charm
and the only place for a sophisticated lunch in Versailles, Marie
Poniatowski knows the ropes and chains of her city and its

Tips on

The best way to carry your jewellery is in a dedicated travel
pouch to keep it separated and safe. I designed one a few years
ago; everyone found it really practical so I’m thinking of
relaunching it. Most importantly, on the plane always keep your
jewellery in your hand luggage.

should we pack for our trip?

Anything from Stone Paris. I like my jewellery light, with
easy-to-wear pieces that I can throw on anytime.

Some of your precious jewels resemble ornaments from Victorian
times. What people or places inspire your designs?

I designed a collection named after Marie Antoinette, but really
my inspirations come from everywhere – mostly early 19th-century
vintage jewellery, but also travel memories, nature fragments,
architectural details…

What is your most popular piece right now?

My “Blood Diamonds” cross earrings.

How do you stand apart from Parisian jewellers at say, Place

When I first founded Stone Paris, I wanted to create a covetable
alternative to that of Place Vendome. An accessible yet precious
jewellery line that a woman can afford to buy herself and wear
everyday. A place where they don’t feel intimidated to shop on
their own.

Where is the best place beyond the city centre to go jewellery

The Puces de Saint Ouen for vintage jewellery shopping.

Where are your designs sourced and manufactured?

Between Antwerp and Paris.

There is a romanticism to your designs. Tell us some romantic
spots in and beyond Paris worth a visit.

In Paris, L’Hotel Particulier for brunch in their secret garden.
Beyond Paris, Les Etangs de Corot is a lovely hotel with a Caudalie

What Parisian suburbs should we put on our travel

West of Paris is my favourite – I have a house in
Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, a few kilometres from Montfort L’Amaury.

The quickest route to Bazoches-sur-Guyonne from Paris is…

It’s only a 45-minute drive from our apartment; you can Uber

What draws you to the suburbs?

Nature. My husband and I wanted a place to get away, but close
enough so we could go back and forth as often as we want. We found
this beautiful, quiet home that’s so close to the city, yet you
feel so far away once you’re there.

Where should we stay in Bazoches-sur-Guyonne?

With me! The house is always full of friends and family…
Bazoches is a tiny village so there are no hotels or restaurants.
Five minutes away in neighbouring Montfort L’Amaury is La Minotte,
a romantic guesthouse with great breakfast and an even better
outdoor swimming pool.

Great food spots in-and-around Bazoches-sur-Guyonne…

Montfort’s Café de la Poste is a simple, pleasant spot for
lunch. I also love to sit at the Caserne’s little terrace with a
view of the church or enjoy fantastic Thai food at the Chifan

Versailles, Le Vésinet, Maisons-Laffitte and Neuilly-sur-Seine
are all popular Parisian outposts. Where should we eat/ drink/ and
visit in each?

When in Neuilly, you should visit the Louis
Vuitton Fondation
in the Bois de Boulogne, then have lunch at
Livio, a delicious Italian place that I absolutely love. In
Versailles, you have to see the Chateau, of course, and the newly
renovated Hameau de la Reine is a must. Have lunch at Alain
Ducasse’s Ore on the first floor of Pavillon Dufour – it’s

One non-touristy thing to do in Versailles that only locals
know about…

To avoid the crowd, head to Chez Stef’, a charming wine bar with
appetising snacks.

One souvenir we should bring home from

Cheese from la Fromagerie de Montfort.

And finally, what’s in your SUITCASE for a city jaunt and a
weekend countryside escape?

I dress the same whether I’m in the city or the country. I
usually pack a pair of super comfortable blue jeans from Maison
Sarah Lavoine (designed by my sister), a cashmere sweater from
Alexandra Golovanoff and a pair of flat leather boots so I can
easily walk around all day. Going to the country, I’ll add a big
warm jacket and Blackstone shearling boots. I also always travel
with my iPad and EarPods, and Biologique Recherche beauty

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