Heading West: A Road Trip

Heading West: A Road Trip

March my boyfriend and I hit the road with a loose plan to
reach California and back, camping and living out of a truck. I
wanted to escape the East Coast, and just a few days into my trip I
could already breathe again.

All that I knew about the American Southwest was what I had seen
in movies. As I lived it first hand, what stood out significantly
was that the scenery changes drastically state to state. The only
thing that didn’t change is spectacular sunsets that bring on the
enormous starry sky. Cue The Eagles song Peaceful Easy Feeling.

We cruised up the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur where rugged
cliffs seamlessly plunged into the cobalt blue ocean. Giant palms
and pines towered over waterfalls which we found deep in the
ancient redwoods. We camped under a highway bridge and watched
whales swim at dusk. Our environment was nothing short of a poetic

After the coast we headed east towards Yosemite. With the
windows rolled down the smell of giant sequoias enveloped us. We
stared up at the towering rock formations and felt like we were
living a dream.

Setting west has been romanticised throughout American history.
On this trip I found there was a very valid reason for that.
There’s a special sanctuary found on the endless road.

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