Scotland Calling: The Hills of the Highlands Forever I Love

The brooding landscapes of the eastern Moray Firth, the rugged Torridon Hills and the Isle of Skye makes the Scottish Highlands special

I've ventured to many remote parts of Scotland, but it's the dramatic views of the Highlands that continue to stimulate my mind. The brooding landscape ripples from sandy shores of the eastern Moray Firth to the rugged Torridon Hills and the Isle of Skye.

In Scotland's most remote corners, you must always prepare for the unexpected. Even at the height of summer, you can experience temperamental weather. Single-lane roads winding far away from civilisation are invariably blocked off by flocks of sheep and Highland Cows.

Raised in Central Scotland, I've spent much time exploring and consuming this world-class region on my doorstep - and it's for this reason that I couldn't recommend it enough for avid travellers. The scenery alone could make the Highlands special, but the fact that its terrain is saturated with history and teeming with diverse wildlife - all within easy reach of Edinburgh's cobbled streets - make this place one of a kind. I am grateful to call it home.

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