Grand Pigalle, Paris

Grand Pigalle, Paris

sauntering around the ninth arrondissement – and more
specifically, the corner of rues Victor-Massé and Henry Monnierk –
you’re likely to happen upon Grand Pigalle. A bed, board and
booze depot in South Pigalle,
here there are no extras. There’s no gym, no spa and no room in the
lift. But as SoPi residents will tell you, there’s an art to living
in the ninth. Certain things take priority – namely good food,
large bathrooms and a sizeable bed (even if the bedroom it’s housed
in edges toward petite). A dash of the unexpected doesn’t hurt
either – a “martini” carpet designed by Dorothée Meilichzon or a
pineapple-shaped doorknob does the trick here.


If navy-blue leopard-print carpets and kitschy brass door
knockers aren’t your jam then a sleepover at Grand Pigalle would be
ill-advised. Compact rooms mix a blend of furniture styles and come
with original moldings – we could stare at those ceiling roses all
day – fireplaces, copper lamps, graphic wallpaper and custom-made
mahogany desks. Jazz blares from the radio and those staple rooftop
views from a corner room send our hearts aflutter. Octagonal design
is omnipresent (from the miniature side tables to the
velvet-covered stools) symbolic of the form of the South Pigalle
quartier. Bathrooms are very generous in size, stocked with
SachaJuan amenities and decorated with forest-green butcher tiles
on the walls and chevron patterning on the floor.

What’s for breakfast?

The buffet spread overtakes the bar counter in the mornings,
displaying an array of sweet and savoury including homemade
granola, meats and cheese, Le Fierbois yoghurt pots and a selection
of tarts. Grab a seat at the front for passing views of stragglers
returning home from a raucous evening, and on Sunday enjoy brunch
from 12pm until 3pm. For €32 you’ll get a day’s worth of food down
in one sitting.

How about lunch and dinner?

As advertised by the gold lettering in the window, come for any
meal. Fans of mood lighting and vegetable tempura should head here
for a late dinner, choosing a blue-velvet booth at the back for
peekaboo views of the kitchen. Finish with Sicilian cannolis –
there’s plenty of time for French pastry sampling elsewhere, and
these are particularly good.

Is there a bar?

Yes. Open from 6pm until 2am, grab a seat at the bar where your
neighbour is likely to be a poet and/or DJ or better yet, a night


Room service is available anytime – just add €3 to the price

Things you should know

The minibar is stocked with local French food products – think
cheese, crackers and olives – and signature bottled cocktails by
Experimental Cocktail Club. Looking for advice on where to head
after an aperitif in your room? Dial nine for the concierge who
will have a host of suggestions at the ready.

Within a short walk you’ll find…

Pink Mamma for Insta-worthy eats;
the Rose Bakery for a sweet 4pm treat; and the vampy hotel
Maison Souquet for evening