Hotel Panache, Paris

Hotel Panache, Paris

hotels in Paris aren’t
exactly hard to find, but for that perfect combination of good
location, chic design and friendly staff, Hotel Panache ticks all the
boxes. Though situated in the heart of the 9th arrondissement and
surrounded by cafés, arty boutiques and lively bars, the hotel
itself is an enclave of calm, from the cosy lobby with its inviting
velvet couches to the eclectic suites awaiting up the spiralling

Taking up residence across two 19th-century buildings, the hotel
has a somewhat peculiar floor plan. Rather than attempt to conform,
award-winning Parisian designer Dorothee Meilichzon made the most
of the nooks and crannies, turning the curved walls, tight angles
and triangular alcoves into features, and pairing them with
eye-catching art-deco touches. Bold wallpapers, retro carpets and
gold finishes complete the look, giving the hotel an old-world feel
– just like the streets in the city of lights.


The 40 rooms within this seven-storey hotel might have the same
colour palette, but the resemblance ends there – the jigsaw of room
shapes ensures that every suite has a unique layout and interiors
to complement them. Depending on your luck (and budget) you might
get a long corridor with a cosy reading corner, floor-to-ceiling
windows and a wrought-iron balcony or a super-sized bathroom with a
corner bath. The one common feature across every room is a retro
black telephone by the bed, which you’ll want to make a sultry
phone call on in order to revel in the sheer novelty of using a
rotary dial.

What’s for breakfast?

Morning victuals are a fairly French affair, with a selection of
pastries, cheese, cold meats, yoghurt and fruit to enjoy in the
street-front restaurant on the ground floor.

How about lunch and dinner?

The Panache bistro is a hit in its own right, usually buzzing
with both guests and locals enjoying fresh, cosmopolitan dishes in
stylish surrounds – think muted tones and geometric tiles. This is
Paris though, so don’t expect it to be busy until at least 9pm.

Is there a bar?

Not as such, but the bistro offers a well-curated list of wine
and cocktails to be be sipped while perched atop dusty blue stools
at the white marble bar.

Things you should know

Don’t expect frills like a gym, porters or bathrobes. Still, if
there is anything you’re missing, the staff will be more than happy
to help you find it.

Within a short walk you can find

Though often overlooked by visitors, the 9th arrondissement has
plenty to offer – bars, restaurants, boutiques and arcades – for a
home-away-from-home weekend in Paris.