Iceland: 64º North

This photoshoot, titled 64º North, was shot in October 2016 in South East Iceland during a bout of very capricious weather. Grant Thomas captured the shoot, while our Fashion Director Tona Stell headed styling. In between shots the team ran back to their van to thaw their hands while Bunny Hazel Clarke retouched Grace Gao's make-up with Tom Ford Beauty. Elvire Roux (through rain, sleet and snow) styled Grace's hair, using Sachajuan products to keep everything in place, if only for a moment. Thomas Dhanens, Grant Thomas' photographic assistant, was there to advise on lighting and changing weather conditions.

This editorial was most definitely our most extreme yet - though shooting in blistering heat in Jaipur was no walk in the park either. In the evening the team returned to the hotel to warm up while watching the northern lights glittering on the horizon.

Hundreds of kilometres north of the shoot, Maria Alafouzou and Claudia Legge were traipsing around in temperatures of -14C, researching and photographing their story Undiscovered Iceland for Volume 13.

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