Couch-Surfing: Five Indie Films to Satisfy Your Travel Cravings

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Come with us on a virtual exploration into the unknown. We've teamed up with Sound of Life - a special project by audio specialist KEF, to help satiate your travel cravings, allowing you to see the world, and hear it too. Stream the movies straight from to take you from couch potato to couch-surfing.

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Armchair adventure with our top travel flicks

Ramen Shop

Satisfying more than just hunger, Ramen Shop explores the pivotal role of food in understanding and honouring your roots. After the death of his father who ran a much-loved ramen store in Japan, Masato journeys to Singapore, where he reconnects with a long-lost grandmother in the kitchen. Just note, you may get hungry as fish curries, bak kut teh (a pork rib broth) and whole crabs dance across your screen. It's not all sentimental scenes and shots of spicy soup bowls, however. On Masato's culinary pilgrimage, he faces up to the effects of the Japanese occupation of Singapore. Food for thought, indeed.

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Porro Hecho en Colombia

Transport yourself to the eclectic streets of Colombia with this music-fuelled documentary. Directed by Latin Grammy-nominated artist Adriana Lucía, this vibrant film explores the history, spirit and culture of Córdoba, Colombia. Against a backdrop of infectious songs and a contagious rhythm that'll have you swapping your slippers for sequins, you'll witness how porro - a music style that originated from the Caribbean region of Colombia - evolved and shaped the community.

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Just Meet

Take a break from virtual gallery viewings and deep-dive into the world of iconic architect Tadao Ando. Responsible for shaping Japanese architecture and considered one of the world's most influential visionaries, Ando takes us on an intimate tour of his artistic journey. From his self-built studio in Osaka, Japan he travels to Casa Wabi - a design-driven artists' retreat on Mexico's Pacific Coast - where he plays with natural elements and geometric patterns. Scattered across Japan, some of the architect's most notable works include the serene Church on the Water in Hokkaido and the Osaka Culturarium at Tempozan, perched on Osaka Bay - all worthy of an IRL visit.

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A Secret in the Box

Delving into the literary veins of a country helps to understand its psyche. Getting under the skin of post-war Ecuador through politically focused journalism, A Secret in the Box uses a dreamed-up literary figure - Marcelo Chiriboga - to explore the South American country's identity. Dubbed a "tropical Kafta", he visits different Ecuadorian cities and showcases a captivating reel of archived footage in a journey that stretches the boundaries of fact and fiction.

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The Nightingale

A heart-warming tale that touches upon our longing for simplicity and heightening our love for the great outdoors (while watching from the great indoors), Nightingale is a humbling tale of values and heritage. Zhi Gen is an elderly farmer who wishes to fulfil a promise to his late wife by travelling back to their hometown. At the request of his estranged son, he's to take his spoilt, iPad-addicted granddaughter along too. While the early parts of the film traverse the glittering cityscapes of Beijing, the real beauty is seen when grandfather and granddaughter complete their road trip to Yangshuo, a striking rural province dotted with enchanting lakes, forests and rice paddies.

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