Izmir, Turkey

Izmir, Turkey


Izmir, Turkey.

Why now?

Istanbul might a favourite for
exploring sprawling souks and mosques, but Turkey’s third-largest
city, Izmir, is an experience that is slightly more feasible to
take on for a
weekend break
. Bordered by the Aegean Sea, the city formerly
known as Smyrna boasts a lively party scene and vibrant beachside
promenade that make for in fantastic contrast to the Ancient Greek
monuments scattered around this storied city. Izmir’s proximity to
Greece might push you to turn
your city break into an Aegean odyssey so it’s also perfect for a
week-long summer holiday.

Don’t miss

The Agora, a crumbling marketplace in Izmir, blends Ancient
Greek architecture with Turkish surroundings, and is a playground
for exploring still-functioning fountains and waterways. Amid the
ruins of the antiquated city of Ephesus is also the Celsus Library,
which has an impressive two-storey facade that is still

Cesme is an upscale area that hosts beach club parties with live
deep house all day, everyday. Start your day off with seaside
mimosas at Kafe Pi, lounge over lunch at Madeo and then claim
ownership of a daybed at Before Sunset for the rest of the afternoon. If you’re
eager to keep the waterfront activities going, get an early start
and set out on a day trip to the tiered hot springs of Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle”
in Turkish.

Who to take with you

Your “everything” friend.

When to go

May and June are best for summery weather
without scorching temperatures, as is September for catching the tail
end of beach season.

Most likely to bump into

Divers on a tour of the Aegean.

Essentials to bring with you

A rotation of swimwear. You’ll need a stylish bikini for
beach-club lounging, a one-piece for diving and a swimming costume
you couldn’t care less about for fully immersing yourself in the
hot-spring experience.

How to get there

Fly into Izmir Menderes Airport. From there, airport shuttle
busses head downtown every 20 minutes, while the Izban commuter
train stops by every 10.

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