From Kate Moss to Kale with Nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson

From Kate Moss to Kale with Nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson

Naturopathic nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson talks food philosophies and model living.

may seem ironic, given her current profession, that 90s
model-turned-nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson was scouted in
McDonald’s, aged 15. Her youth was shared with the likes of Kate
Moss and Emma Balfour, her modelling heyday a balance of hardwork
and wild nights.

It seems that balance is an enduring component of Ferguson daily
life – as I discovered from our pre-lunch pow wow. Ferguson is
realistic, well-read and is by no means claiming holier-than-thou
status. We discussed everything from maintaining equilibrium in
body and mind to her favourite nutrition-focused wellness retreats
and why her 5 Day Plan might be the total reset you’re craving.

In conversation with Rosemary Ferguson

What’s your food philosophy?

It is all about making healthy living achievable; I believe that
life has to be lived and that through nutrition and a bit of
self-care you can give your body the tools it needs to cope with
the crazy lives we lead. Food should be the first port of call to
feel better in yourself, mentally and physically.

Tell us about your 5 Day Plan…

My 5 Day Plan runs once a month, Monday to Friday, and each day
a delivery is made to your door with breakfast, lunch, dinner,
supplements, juices and snacks designed to stimulate the
metabolism, give the digestive system a break, increase energy
levels, boost the immune system and give the body a well-needed
dose of vitamins and minerals. These five days really highlight
where you can make your diet more nutrient dense and also flag how
often you go for the less than ideal food choice.

You’re a qualified naturopath and nutritionist; can you explain
what each of these terms means?

A nutritionist is an expert in the field of all things
nutrition. I advise clients on what they should eat and take
according to their unique case/ make-up. A naturopath is a health
practitioner who applies natural therapies, which comprise of far
more than fasting, nutrition, water and exercise; naturopathy
includes approved natural healing practices such as homeopathy,
acupuncture and herbal medicine.

How has your former modelling career influenced your current

I’ve always been interested in food and how it can help you.
Especially when modelling as I was constantly fighting jet lag,
fatigue, hangovers… and I wanted my skin to always look fresh.
Knowing what could help from the inside became a real passion. I
went back to college and studied so I could further my knowledge
and help others.

How did that career shift come about?

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and when modelling began
slowing down and I started having more children, I felt it was the
right time to do it.

We travel a lot – any tips for countering fatigue through

Stay clear of processed foods. Eat lots of fresh, brightly
coloured fruit and veg. With each meal make sure half of your plate
is vegetables. Always include lean protein and complex carbs –
sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa etc. These will help to keep your
blood sugar levels balanced and therefore stabilise your energy.
Hydration is also key.

Everyday supplements you’d recommend…

B-vitamin complex, fish oils, fibre, probiotics and alpha lipoic

You run a clinic on Harley Street – where’s good for a healthy
lunch nearby?


Other must-visit spots in the area…


Best health-food stores in London include…

and Planet Organic.

Where do you go to relax?

I love relaxing at home. On the sofa or in bed watching a good
film or series.

Nutrition-focused retreats you’d recommend…

The LifeCo Bodrum or The Body Camp in
Ibiza- the food here is delicious.

What are the best snacks to take on a plane?

Nuts, seeds, chia seeds to add to your water and fruit – you
need fibre to keep everything moving.

Do you eat aeroplane food?

Sometimes. I’m organised and have snacks and I usually opt for a
vegan/ gluten-free meal as it is less irritating to the gut.

In-flight beauty products you swear by…

Hydration inside and out. Drink plenty of water or herbal tea –
the reason we feel so awful the other side is because if lack of
hydration. I also like to use a hydrating sheet mask in-flight –
Decorte make a great one. A refreshing face mist also
does the trick – there’s a lovely one by Penny Frances
. I also use Augustinus
extra-strong cream and Verso serum.

Which are your most frequented travel destinations?

, Mallorca; Formentera and Ibiza;
Goa, India.

The most “out there” thing you’ve done in the name of health

I am a fan of medicinal mushrooms and I have researched a lot
about Amazonian plant medicine.

What are you reading at the moment?

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris.

One piece of travel advice…

Travelling can be stressful; ensure you have enough time, make
sure everything is organised a couple of days before and do what
you can to eliminate any unnecessary stress.

Where’s your next adventure?

and then
for functional-medicine training.

And finally, what’s in your SUITCASE?

Supplemental powders, always. I’m a big fan of a shake and I
find it an easy way to get nutrition in if I’m on the go. I travel
with a good selection of black cami vests (my favourite), my Kindle
and all my beloved serums, tinctures and face oils.

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