Destination Inspiration: Kea, Greece

Destination Inspiration: Kea, Greece

An easy ferry ride from Athens lies Kea. A gateway to hidden crystal coves, craggy cliffside hiking trails and award-winning oceanside restaurants, this secluded Cycladic island is one of Greece’s best-kept secrets.


Kea, Greece

Why now?

Locally known as Tzia, Kea is often overlooked by those making a
beeline for Mykonos
or Santorini,
but it’s actually the closest of the inhabited Cyclades to mainland
Greece – making for a pretty ideal city break. If you’ve often
wondered where Athenians head for their summer fix, this is it.

Decorated with whitewashed houses, low-slung villas and
rust-coloured roofs, Kea is one of Greece’s more unspoiled island.
In fact, locals here have opted to restore ancient hiking trails
rather than plaster the place with concrete roads. So, if stomping
across sun-bleached trails is your thing, you’ll want to start
planning your visit here. We recommend the relatively easy but
rewarding route that starts in the island’s capital, Ioulis; it
leads you to the (incredibly large) archaic statue of Kea’s
guardian lion.

Spend your days exploring the handsome cobbled streets or
bobbing in the waves of one Kea’s many remote beaches. You’ll want
to dedicate an afternoon for a stroll around one of its majestic
vineyards scored with olive trees.

Don’t miss

You won’t want to miss the Tale Festival. Hosted every July,
this event sets imaginations free as storytellers gather from
around the world to share their eccentric tales.

Where to stay

Book a room at Aigis Suites. Partly for its huge infinity pool
that seemingly rolls into the Aegean Sea, but mainly for its prime
location in Vourkari.

Where to go for dinner

Don’t want to leave the beach just yet? Head to Porto Koundouros Villas. Set virtually on Porto
Koundouros’ shore, this place delivers when it comes to seafood –
and if you weren’t already sold there’s a daily barbecue too.

And for a drink…

Visit Breeze Finger Food Bar in Vourkari for flavour-packed

Who to take with you

Take your girlfriends; they’ll have no complaints about
ice-cream fuelled beach days.

When to go

To see this island in all its sun-soaked glory, you’ll want to
visit between June and

Essentials to pack

If you’re tired of losing lipsticks on the beach, pack this
embroidered-straw clutch ny KAYU.

How to get there

Catch a ferry from Athens Lavrio Port, you’ll arrive at Kea in
just over an hour.

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