A Pocket Guide to Lamu with Hunza G

A Pocket Guide to Lamu with Hunza G

Sustainable seersucker swimsuits and summering on the Kenyan Island of Lamu with Georgiana Huddart, Hunza G’s creative director.

relaunching Hunza G in 2014 – the 80s brand
responsible for scantily clothing Julia Roberts in a blue-and-white
cutout minidress in Pretty Woman – creative director Georgiana
Huddart has been all systems go. Now the London-based designer is
going on holiday.

On the Kenyan island of Lamu, Georgiana is lounging about in
a seersucker swimsuit with a linen shirt draped over her shoulders.
We meet under the storied Peponi Hotel‘s
bougainvillea-shaded terrace to map out Lamu’s must-visit spots and
the best tables in town. After 45 minutes at the hotel (and a
couple of G&Ts in) we quickly learned why Mick Jagger and Jerry
Hall were such fans of the place…

The best day to arrive in town is…

Lamu is the most relaxed place I have ever been – arrive any
day, any time.

What’s the dress code?

Shela is a Muslim village, so you have to wear clothing that
goes below the knee and cover up your shoulders. Long dresses, silk
or linen trousers and a silk shirt are good.

Which is the best hotel to stay at?

Peponi Hotel; it’s a real institution.

What’s the best way to get around?

Walking or on a dhow boat.

Best beaches to don our Hunza G two piece?

Diamond Beach Village or Manda Bay.

Where’s good for lunch?

Sail around on a dhow for an afternoon. The person who takes you
will catch fish and make lunch while you’re on the boat. Cut up
mango, salad and flatbread (that’s barbecued on the boat in a metal
bin). So simple. It’s the best.

Other food spots to try…

Diamond Beach Village for pizza and movie night
on Fridays, or visit on Saturday for its disco nights. The
Majlis Resort
‘s restaurant is worth trying too.

For after dinner drinks head to…

Peponi Hotel is where most people congregate to play backgammon
and have some drinks; it feels like stepping back into the 50s.

How do you spend your Sundays here?

Swimming in the sea, reading a book and eating samosas.

Where can we do an early morning workout?

Try yoga with a woman called Monica (who married a guy called
Banana). You can find them easily at Peponi Hotel.

For a taste of history head to…

Lamu town has some great shops filled with African art and
trinkets. The architecture is colonial, but its a Muslim town with
African aesthetic.

Where are the best spots for shopping in Lamu?

Aman Lamu – it has a store for clothes, and another for
interiors and other bits and bobs.

Any advice regarding boat rentals?

Find one person and stick with them… my boyfriend and his family
have been going there for years and they always use a man called
Abu – he’s the dream.

One book to read before we go…

Catcher in The Rye by J. D. Salinger.

What key pieces do you always pack when travelling?

Silk. It rolls up so small, it’s cool but also can keep you warm
at night and looks amazing.

A souvenir to bring home…

A chopping board carved from really lovely wood, shaped like the
hand of Fatima.

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