Kyoto Living

Kyoto Living

historical scenic beauty of Kyoto is a result of the rich
surrounding natural environment juxtaposed with the urbanity which
has developed over a thousand years as the once capital of

Charming and serene, patient and elegant, majestic and peaceful,
modern and classic, I have never encountered such beauty in one
single place before; the dynamic landscape captivated me from the
moment I arrived. The colourful sceneries created by the seasonal
change and the passage of time have given the environment such
depth. I arrived during the autumn foliage season when the colours
are most spectacular, which made for an even more magical start to
my life in Japan.

I have been living in Kyoto for just over a month now and have
been documenting each day since arriving, creating my own personal
photo journal. I want to share this adventure with like-minded
people and give an insight to what life is like in this part of the
world. My experience so far has given me so much happiness; I feel
so wonderfully content and secure, everyday is a new adventure.
Learning a new language, climbing mountains on my doorstep,
sampling local delicacies – it’s like a dream and almost seems too
good to be true.

Although I am working out here, there is an overwhelming sense
of freedom. Cycling around the city not knowing what you will see
or who you’re going to meet each day is so beguiling. I’m not sure
how long I will be living in Japan and am just taking each day as
it comes, but I can’t wait to explore the rest of this fascinating

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