Haute Inhabit: Lainy Hedaya’s Fashionable Guide To New York

Haute Inhabit: Lainy Hedaya’s Fashionable Guide To New York

Lainy was able to take a brief moment before her busy week ahead to discuss the secrets of staying stylish and finding all the best spots in the Big Apple.

one thing trying to decide what to wear when you wake up,
but when you live or work in one of the fashion capitals of the
world, getting dressed and staying on top of what’s happening is no
easy feat. With the start of New York Fashion Week we wanted to get
a sense of how to stay chic when running around in the city that
never sleeps. Ultra-talented Lainy Hedaya of the blog Haute Inhabit
has got this down to a tee.

The LIM college graduate has had fashion running through her
veins from when she was little. And now, instead of sewing clothes
for her dolls, she’s experiencing the (adult) fashion industry
firsthand. Her blog is a combination of striking photography,
intriguing essays, witty runway reviews and brand consulting.
Despite the constant pressure to conform in the fashion world,
Lainy has stood out with her distinct voice, sense of humour and
eye for visual design. Whether she’s searching for the newest
innovative designer, shopping at Bergdorf’s or chilling in the park
with dogs, the spunky creative director is always involved with
something in the city.

How many Fashion Weeks have you done so far?

I don’t even know, but I’ve been hopping around them since

What have you learnt over the years from attending Fashion

People are super friendly and I feel lucky to be part of such a
great industry.

What’s something you thought about Fashion Week before you went
that you now know is not true?

That it would be fun if you’re working at it, but work is work!
… And you know how humans feel about labour.

What’s the best show you have ever been to?

Sophie Thealett made me cry last season, it was so beautiful. It
was my intern’s first ever show and she turned to me mid-show and
asked “Are all shows like this?!” and I replied, “I freaking

What are some of your favourite brands from New York?

Rosie Assouline, Proenza Schouler and Edun.

What excites you about fashion in New York? What bores

I am always excited to see designers get creative and think out
of the box. Scheduling bores me to shit.

Who are some of the most stylish girls in New York that you

Leandra Medine, Danielle Bernstein and Charlotte Groenvald.

How would you describe a New York girl’s style?

A little bit messy, because we live in a messy city.

Where do you live? Where do you spend most of your time in New

I live in Chelsea. I spend most of my time in my office.
Unfortunately. Kidding. I love that little box.

If your friends couldn’t find you at home it would be a safe bet
to check…

Mars. I have probably figured out a way to get to Mars.

A Fashionable Guide to New York

The most fashionable neighbourhood in New York is…

Lower East Side – for sure.

Best place for breakfast? And what should you order?

Nomad Hotel – it’s drugggssss! Order anything, honestly.

Best place for a smoothie or a juice?

Mi casa! I got the machines, I got everything!

Best place for a coffee?

I don’t know… I find the cheapest coffee in NYC is always the
best coffee. Hit up those bodegas.

If you need a statement piece to spice up your outfit you
should go to…

Bergdorf Goodman, always.

Best independent boutique in New York for new and interesting

Kirna Zabete, Joseph, The Apartment by The Line

Your fail-safe department store?


If you want a healthy lunch go to…

McDonalds – Chicken McNuggets (they’re made with real chicken

If you want the complete opposite go to…

Fish Camp
and order the cod sandwich.

If you want a quiet corner to escape from the hustle and bustle
you should go to….

Madison Square Park and hang out with the dogs.

The best place to go for a business dinner?

The Edition Hotel

The best place to go for a dinner with friends?

Wife Freda

The best place to get a quiet cocktail?

Hudson Bar & Books and The Blond at 11 Howard

The bar with the best party atmosphere?

Flatiron Lounge

The best place to dance?

Le Bain at The Standard

Three apps you can’t navigate New York without?

Twitter (to know when messed up things happen in the city),
Uber, Seamless (the food and delivery app).

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