Los Angeles Light

One of my favourite things about living in Los Angeles is the light and colour that surrounds you wherever you are. I take daily walks around the Los Feliz and East Hollywood neighbourhoods where I live, using my camera as a journal and taking note of the things that stop and draw me in. It can be the people, trees, light on the side of a building - anything really, but I don't analyse it too much, just shoot and keep on walking. There's so much to be discovered here, and LA feels like many smaller cities all rolled into one. Moving a few blocks in either direction can bring a change of scenery, architecture, and culture. These photos were taken in a two-mile radius, and there are still new things I notice every time I head out. Knowing that there's so much more to explore keeps me inspired to shoot every time I have the chance.

@bradtorchia | bradtorchia.com

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