A Long Answer to that Tinder Question…

A Long Answer to that Tinder Question…

where are you from?”

After hours spent on Tinder, Bumble or whatever the new one is
called, I’ll have been asked this question more times than I can
count on my two hands. I could reply with an unoriginal, cliché
“home is where I rest my feet” but… just no. For me, home is St
Ives, right down at the very bottom of the Cornish peninsula. I’m
always proud to mention it, perhaps a little too much after being
met with a sigh and an eye roll when I tell someone for the fifth
or so time. But what’s not to love? It was the birthplace of my
parents and where I was raised.

Yet it wasn’t love at first sight. Of course I enjoyed being
brought up there, but I never thought that I was special – it was
just home, after all. As a child I would witness the thousands that
flock down in the summer holidays, spade and bucket in hand,
slapping on their SPF 50, and fighting for their square inch of
beach. I couldn’t understand: sure Cornwall has the soft sand
beaches, Mediterranean lookalike waters and dramatic landscapes,
but doesn’t everywhere by the coast? Turns out I was wrong once

I didn’t fully become romanced by
until I left to study in Bournemouth. I thought this
coastal town would be the same… but how wrong was I? Homesickness
grew and I soon found myself rushing back to the Cornish coastal
paths, trying to take as much in with my new-found love of
photography. The sickness only grew stronger as I ventured up to
London for work. Today I sit in the city smog and can only admire
travel photography submitted from around the world. Yet I dream of
the days when I get to see those rugged cliffs, squalling seagulls
and lapping waves again. Now that’s a true romance story.


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