A Love Letter to Capri

A Love Letter to Capri

is one of those romantic places you expect to go with
someone special. My partner and I arrived on a hot day following a
visit to Rome and the Amalfi Coast. We saw its silhouette from
afar, water splashing on our faces as we rode the ferry. It was a
curious sensation; for so long it had felt like a mystical
destination and suddenly we were about to walk on its shores.

On the way from the port, the boy from our house-hotel let us
into the island’s most harboured secret; Anacapri. It’s the least
visited part of the island and welcomes you as if it were your
childhood home.

We left our bags in our room at our stay, Faraglioni, so-called
after the nearby rocks that were made famous by the Dolce &
Gabbana Light Blue campaign. When you dedicate yourself to
photography, seeing the places that appear in shoots you admire is

For me, Anacapri is the most intimate part of Capri; hidden
beaches, local people, warmly glowing restaurants, winding back
roads and artisan shops. The Italian style, epitomised in the Plaza
de Capri, seductively whispers “la dolce vita” in your ear and will
make you fall in love time and time again.

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