Exploring Ibiza with Maje Founder Judith Milgrom

Exploring Ibiza with Maje Founder Judith Milgrom

We caught up with Judith Milgrom, founder of Parisian brand Maje, to get her inside track on Ibiza. Here’s her favourite places to eat, drink and play on The White Isle.

as the epitome of Parisian chic, Maje plays on the fashion
capital’s elegant legacy, reinviting classic items with
contemporary flair. For her latest capulse collection, Judith Milgrom has
turned to the sun-drenched island of Ibiza for inspiration.
Collaborating with the Spanish design studio, Cobalto Studio, and
dancing to a different sartorial beat, we’re packing our suitcases
with the collection’s woven basket bags, ceramic shell earrings and
plenty of beach-to-bar embroidered dresses. Summer uniform?

Here, the
designer reveals the Balearic inspiration behind
her dreamy designs, as well as her inside scoop on the island. She
shares where to find the best design stores, lazy lunch spots and
local dishes you have to try.

Horseback riding and ochre-coloured cliffs: Judith Milgrom’s
insider guide to Ibiza

Define Maje’s aesthetic.

Maje is a feminine, solar brand; who likes to play from the
offset. I created it for women who like to change their style and
who are plural. Think women who follow fashion but also like to
create their own style, those who affirm a personality through
their clothes yet also change their attire according to their

Tell us about your new collection, how has The White Isle been
a source of inspiration?

It’s a summer collection that plays with transparency and
natural materials: sexy, skin, colourful, embroidery, and many
materials with beautiful details. My initial inspiration was a free
and sultry woman, like the ladies of Ibiza.

Does your surroundings impact your designs?

I am inspired by the energy of the streets. I often sit on the
terrace of a café and people watch, looking at the way women walk,
move and speak allows me to imagine their attitude, desires and
needs. For this collection I envisioned a woman with golden skin,
living in a solar environment, bathed in light and surrounded by a
beautiful blue sky. Picture a woman who’s not afraid to show skin,
who assumes her femininity and her power of seduction. I am not
motivated by a particular muse, I’ve always wanted to create for
different types of women. In fact, I think diversity influences me
a lot.

The best time to visit Ibiza is…

Sometime in April.
The weather’s still cool in Paris and warmer days are arriving in

Favourite place to wake up?

In a house, panoramic views of the sea and the wild world are

How would you describe Ibiza’s style?

Fierce and authentic. Ibiza is a place where freedom and
craftsmanship take on their full meaning, it’s a bohemian
destination where the art of living is turned towards nature.

For the best design stores in Ibiza head to…

Charlotte Ceramics. Home to the most magnificent
hand-crafted objects.

What should we bring back from Ibiza?

Bagfuls of fabrics, ceramics and handmade items from the young,
local artists.

Describe a perfect day on the island…

The best days are spent with a long sun-dappled stroll, a
horseback ride, and ending the day with a delicious dinner.

Where should we go for a long, lazy lunch?

Surrounded by flower gardens and orange groves, La Paloma is the only
option for alfresco dining. Set in an old finca, products are
locally sourced and fused with a splash of Italian – you can
imagine just how great the food is here.

A local dish we have to try?

I love fish! I’d strongly recommend a taste of some grilled
fish, cooked in olive oil and served with fresh vegetables.

And for a cocktail with a view…

Amante. Nestled in a cove overlooking the Sol Den
Serra bay, the views here are just as spectacular as the

What about dinner with friends?

For an airy beach spot with great music too, you’ll want to head
to Los

Share a secret spot only locals know about…

Located ten-kilometres outside of Ibiza Town is a small sandy
cove. Sa Caleta is fringed by orange-red cliffs and crystal clear
waters, it’s the perfect place to kick back and take in the peace
and seclusion.

And finally, what’s in your suitcase for Ibiza?

Day time is for denim shorts and a light cotton veil blouse. Evenings are for
long crochet dresses, flat sandals and a basket bag.

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