Malmö, Sweden

Malmö, Sweden


Malmö, Sweden.

Why now?

The promise of florals as spring approaches has us dreaming of
pastel hues, and Malmö is the
place to get your fill. Just across the winding Oresund Bridge from
Copenhagen (you can easily pair
the two in one trip), it’s the third largest city in Sweden after

and Gothenburg.

Rent a bike and spend a mild weekend pedalling along cobblestone
streets past multicoloured cottages fronted by rosebushes and fit
for a fairytale. You needn’t do anything more than get lost on
these charming bungalow-lined roads for a few days of pure
escapism. Make like a local and grab some rye bread and smoked
salmon from a local market for a picnic at the Western Harbour
boardwalk. If you’re feeling brave, join the residents taking an
icy dip.

Don’t miss…

On a lazy afternoon, pick up a couple of notebooks and attempt
to sketch the city’s iconic Turning Torso, a twisting skyscraper
dreamt up by neo-futurist architect Santiago Calatrava that dwarfs
the remainder of Scandinavia’s buildings.

A trip to Sweden wouldn’t be complete without full-on design
envy, so continue your tour with stops at both Moderna Museet Malmö and the Form / Design Centre. The Modern Museum is set in an
immense red block which immediately catches the eye thanks to its
juxtaposition with the older stone buildings surrounding it. Be
sure to check out the Picasso collection during your visit. The
Design Centre is a must for Scandi design fans; we’re a little
embarrassed to admit it but the shop might just be our favourite
part, packed with Crayola-coloured Foreo toothbrushes and
sculptural candlestick sets.

Who to take with you

A Scandinavia obsessive who has already hit all of the other
major Nordic cities.

When to go

Late spring to catch a glimpse of the city’s abundant blooms in
the Malmö Garden Show, and for the National Day of Sweden, both of
which happen in June.

Most likely to bump into…

Couples from the north of the country who have come for a
weekend on Sweden’s southernmost tip.

Essentials to bring with you

Minimalist garb in neutral tones to blend in with the stylish

How to get there

Fly into Ikea-lookalike Malmö Airport.