Vivid Reality: Mexico

Vivid Reality: Mexico

series explores the work of the late Mexican architect and
engineer Luis Barragán. We’re not experts, but as people who
appreciate aesthetics and the small details, we can both say that
his designs are nothing short of spectacular. Each of the three
properties we visited are unique, but share a striking flare for
light and colour.

There is a magic to Barragán’s outdoor spaces. They let you
experience the fresh air and open sky while simultaneously
enveloping you in a colourful world that almost seems too vivid for
reality. They left us wishing that whole cities could be designed
this way; that all gardens could be playgrounds for our senses, and
that every courtyard could be bursting with colour.

The intimate feeling that each space captures is a delight. With
their small rooms and narrow hallways, the buildings are meant to
be occupied by only a few people at a time. When we stepped into
the complete stillness of these places, it felt impossible to have
been on such a busy street just seconds ago. It was even stranger
to wander through and find a hallway punctuated by a glowing cave
with an indoor pool; to step from a stairway onto an expansive deck
surrounded by pink walls covered in greenery, or to walk through a
gate into a piece of modern art.

In Barragán’s designs, every entrance, every corner and every
light fixture has a secret to tell. We knew that we wanted to
photograph all of these elements, but didn’t realise what a
challenge it would be. For the first time, we became overwhelmed
with possibilities. We felt we were not able to photograph
everything fast enough, but were comforted that we would soon be
over soon and we would be able to rest our tired eyes. We left
over-stimulated but so appreciative – and that doesn’t happen very

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