Multicoloured Morocco

Multicoloured Morocco

is beautiful.

It is beautiful in its breathtaking colours, its lively people
and its expansive landscapes – all reverberating with the muffled
sounds of the daily call to prayer.

But for us, Morocco was most amazing during its in-between
moments. When we passed from one city to another or between
neighbourhoods, we discovered the details. There was the split
second that our car window whizzed past a roadside rug shop,
displaying all manners of craftsmanship hanging from its every
surface. There was the endless ochre pasture we drove along, full
of lambs frolicking and taking in the day. We felt as though our
eyes could never grow tired of the unexpected sights in unexpected
places. These moments were our nearly missed treasures.

As we traversed the rural areas, gazing at towns coated in pink
and green, it was hard to place ourselves. We had to wonder – if we
saw this with no context, where in the world could we be right now?
This was not the Morocco that we heard about. This was not the
place where tourists came to browse the souks and drink mint

We were on another planet, able to see something for the very
first time – a place that felt undiscovered.

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