See Inside Our New Issue: Visionary

Explore the world with fresh eyes, like the pioneering change agents featured in Vol. 40: Visionary

Any journey worth remembering involves change, and the vision to realise it. This spring, we're celebrating the innovators whose own forward motion leads to a great leap forward for the rest of us, too.

Whether it's finding new ways or reviving the best of the old ones, the diverse people and places that star in Volume 40: Visionary have one thing in common: a plan for a better, more beautiful world.

There are nuns and monks sowing seeds in France, a humble eco-activist reclaiming land for good in Brazil, and Singaporean gallerists and gardeners making the Red Dot greener - and more interesting.

Singapore Green Spaces

Editorial director Emma Ventura dives into the blue of the Galápagos Islands, and its ambitious marine protections, while writer Jamie Lafferty takes a trip to Amsterdam and discovers a city moving away from hedonism to more thoughtful consumption, of all kinds.

See the world anew via these stories and more in the Vol. 40: Visionary issue, out now.