Olivia Lopez’s Insider Guide to Los Angeles

Olivia Lopez’s Insider Guide to Los Angeles

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What part of the city do you live in and why did you choose

I live in the historic core in downtown LA. I chose to live here
because I’ve always been drawn to loft living and loved the history
and architecture of the area. It’s the oldest neighbourhood in the
city and you feel a special energy walking down the street.

Where do you like to shop and why?

I love supporting my friends’ stores, namely Alchemy Works in
the Arts District, Mohawk General Store in Silverlake, Shop Super Street
on La Brea and The Apartment by The Line.

We want to get an excellent meal at an affordable price – where
would you recommend?

for fresh cuts of sashimi, or any shopping mall taco stand
– no kidding, those are always the tastiest ones.

And for pre-dinner drinks? Or post-dinner activities?

I love Cafe
and the Ace rooftop for atmospheric pre-dinner drinks,
and Tenants
of the Trees
for a night out.

Do you think LA is underestimated culturally and

I think it’s finally shedding it’s vapid stereotype, which was
completely misrepresentative and characterised by one neighbourhood
out of dozens. I think over the past few years LA is rightfully
coming into its own.

Where should we explore to get a good sense of LA’s artistic
identity? Any favourite galleries or concept stores?

LA’s artistic identity is in the architecture. I love the
, Neutra VDL and the Eames House. The most interesting galleries are
cropping out of the fringe of the Arts District and Boyle Heights,
what used to be an industrial has-been which has transformed old
warehouses into the most fascinating conceptual spaces.

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SUITCASE has been championing
Olivia Lopez
of blog Lust for Life since featuring her in our
Trailblazers section back in 2015. Making the art of
the Instagram aesthetic look effortless, anyone who follows her
would agree it encompasses the most stylish aspects of modern
culture. We want to be her best friend.

Olivia is the go-to-girl for chic ensembles, covetable interiors
and eye-capturing compositions. Although her blog overflows with
shoots, tips and highlights from various trips around the world,
it’s LA she calls home. Here, she shares her
favourite spots to relax, shop and get inspiration, while
highlighting the city’s ability to transcend its old tinsel-town
reputation to reveal the innovation and arts bubbling below.

How has being based in LA influenced your lifestyle and

LA is going through an exciting rebirth at the moment. It’s
become a lot more international over the past few years, but I’ve
always seen it as a city with hidden design inspiration, and
world-renowned for it’s light. When I started interning for
newspapers when I was a teenager, I was on a mission to explore the
different cultural aspects of the city I grew up in. The city has
informed my lifestyle, as the West Coast has always represented
freedom and a disregard of traditional conventions – my varied
interests are receptive to that.

Where’s your favourite place to recuperate when arriving back
in the city from a trip?

I really love my neighbourhood haunts in downtown LA. I like
picking up my daily rations at Grand Central Market, grabbing a
meal at one of the four Josef Centeno restaurants on my block,
grabbing cocktails in Silverlake or going for a weekend drive
across town.