The Optimistic Lights of Asia

The Optimistic Lights of Asia

the densely populated urban centres of Japan and Hong
, my spirits were lifted by bright lights. Bursts of
scarlett red illuminated horizons studded by skyscrapers.

Streets were filled with beeping car horns and yelling people,
but to step indoors was to find serenity and calm. People there
tend to have a gentle nature, a sense of
. My core communication with locals was smiles, nods and
the tender touching of hands.

In Asia I discovered tranquillity in the most unexpected places:
in cafés perched half way up mountains; on beach-bound buses; in
sweet red-bean pancakes from roadside vendors; in the promises of
good fortune given in temples.

I travelled on stuffy, people-filled
, the air occasionally scented by a passenger’s miso
soup, my belly full of dumplings. Meanwhile, my eyes were spoiled
by passing sights: origami-like buildings towered over Japanese

It was cleansing to dip my body in Japanese public baths each
evening; between hot and cold water, I would feel a wave of harmony
wash over me.

If only I could be back there now, taking in each moment,
hampered only by the constant ache of being content. I was inspired
by the richness of life that people seem to embrace, whether it be
in savouring the first bite of a rice ball, spending time in steamy
waters or finding moments of peace. I feel that we would all
benefit from being present and showing our appreciation in such a

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