A Personal Discovery at the World’s End: Sagres, Portugal

A Personal Discovery at the World’s End: Sagres, Portugal

the early 15th century, the beginning of the Portuguese
maritime expansion brought a new lease of life to the Algarve and
its people. Since then, Lagos and Sagres have remained forever
linked to Prince Henry the Navigator and the Portuguese

Algarve’s Sagres region – once known as “the end of the world” –
is the most south-westerly point of Europe and was the location for
my very own Portuguese discovery. I was travelling with three
lifelong friends and our time spent together was well overdue. The
trip was our chance to reconnect and reminisce after our lives had
been overtaken by work and family commitments.

Armed with surfboards, board shorts and an appetite for thrills,
we embraced the coast’s rugged landscape while immersing ourselves
in its timeless, historic culture. The Algarve’s steep cliffs and
turquoise coastline were the perfect backdrop for adventure; along
its winding, dusty roads, the unexpected lay around every

During our short stay, the waves flowed as readily as the Sagres
beer, while the sun-drenched region bestowed a much-needed fix of
vitamin D. Inland, the calm, pastel-toned towns gave us the mental
space and time to let our minds, bodies and spirits recalibrate
from the routines of daily life.

As the sun set on our final day, we raised cold, crisp glasses
of beer and vowed to spend more time with each other in a place as
special as this.

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