Photo Diary: Cape Town, South Africa

Life is everywhere in Cape Town. With over 3.7 million inhabitants, the city itself feels like it is alive. And like life, it is full of contrasts: From dull to vivid colours, mountains to golden beaches, concrete to lush nature, frowns to smiles, heaving crowds to empty loneliness, movement to stillness, and glimmering wealth to heart-breaking poverty. It is a difficult city to understand; its politics, society, people, structure, and how everything fits together. On my travels there, I photographed small glimpses of peoples lives; boys playing with abandoned furniture, a couple walking home arm in arm, a man drinking a cold beer after a day in the unforgiving sun, a child falling from a bicycle, a school girl waiting in front of a statement of ideology. As an outsider looking in, I tried to record details, simple moments captured in an attempt to touch the surface of this complicated but beautiful place.

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