Eating Healthy on the Road

Eating Healthy on the Road

changes constantly while travelling – passing through
landscapes, visiting lots of cities, and sleeping in different
beds. Along with every meal you have to decide what or where you
want to eat, and settling for fast food based on availability and
convenience is an easy choice to make. Going down this path once or
twice is acceptable, but after a few days the craving for a healthy
home cooked meal takes over. Or at least that’s how it works for

So when working on another photography project in the US, we
decided to resist these temptations and take on the challenge of
maintaining a healthy diet while being on the road. The motel
supplied us with microwaves and fridges, and the public barbecue
helped us prepare nutritious, balanced dishes.

We kept it simple with fresh, raw and preserved foods that
required little preparation. It was no fancy cuisine, but we cooked
it with the same care as we would have done at home. This was a
lovely and insightful challenge shot in the rural southern

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