Los Angeles for the first time

Los Angeles for the first time

had not intended to publish this series of photographs from
Los Angeles. The images were meant to be documents of our first
trip to the metropolis – a diary of the Pacific shores for their
own sake. We went on a month-long surf trip, though I cannot surf!
My friends did, while I simply watched dark spots floating in the
water, appearing then disappearing from under the waves, tiny
specks on my viewfinder along with some grains of sand.

The stormy January weather had me observing the suited surfers
from within the warmth of my vehicle. I became my own unique
version of a beach bunny in a rental Cadillac, wearing jeans and a
sweater rather than a bikini, soft pop turned on and windows rolled
up. After picking up fresh boards in San Clemente my pals surfed
from Salt Creek Beach to Pitas Point, stopping along the way to
relax in Crystal Cove and feed their tired bodies at a local burger
joint near the Huntington Pier, before spending time in the choppy
waters of Malaga Cove and Topanga State Beach, finally relishing
scenic solitude at Point Dume.

Thus my surf trip to Los Angeles is portrayed, with more
excitement than Thomas Ruff and less folly than Nan Goldin, as a
swell ballad through exquisite landscapes.

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