Frenetic Marrakech

It was the last week in March, the air was dry and the colours were warm. Within moments of arriving in Marrakech it felt like all eyes were on us, with eager stallholders ready to pounce and secure a quick deal. We walked the labyrinth of narrow souks and winding alleyways, surrounded by high walls strung with patterned carpets, ducking under leather bags and other local wares until we finally reached our destination.

After unpacking, I remember having a feeling which I don't usually get when I go travelling. I was almost dreading going back out into the crazy hubbub of this exotic metropolis. But I took a moment to look out over the city from the rooftop of our riad, and it was something I will never forget. The burnt oranges and cobalt-blue hues of the old town with the birds singing all around me was uniquely romantic. And it made me feel brave enough to wander.

Marrakech is equally as beautiful by day and night. In the day, the scorching sun casts a blinding light on the pastel walls, as children run through the streets teasing each other, laughing and squealing all the way. The bustling streets and persistent locals can feel overwhelming at times but there are plenty of tranquil places to escape to, mostly among the hidden rooftops. Find your perfect spot then settle in to watch the afternoon roll into the evening through a burning sunset while sipping an icy-fresh orange juice.

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