On the Other Side (of the world)

On The Other Side is an ongoing project primarily documenting landscapes and people in different parts of the world.

The title is purposefully ambiguous and open to interpretation: it may refer to being on the other side of the camera, on the other side of the road, on the other side of the world, or something else again.

In this collection, I chose images from a recent road trip across America, when I drove through Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona and Nevada. It was fascinating to see how diverse the states are in both geography and culture, from Crater Lake to The Redwoods and getting lost in the desert - it was incredible.

I also chose a few photos from a trip I took to Thailand some years ago, during which I visited Bangkok, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui. Thailand is one of my favourite countries because of how different their culture is from my own, while the people are so warm and friendly.

Finally, I decided to share a few pictures from Ibiza. This island has a special place in my heart because my parents live there most of the year and I visit regularly. It's a place that divides opinions, for me it's a second home and I love how effortlessly the craziness of the place mixes with its beauty and peace.

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