by Wes Anderson’s signature
aesthetic, photographer Soo Burnell has brought the UK’s historic
public swimming baths to life in her latest collection,

The pastel palette, restrained composition and strong sense of
symmetry lend a dream-like quality to the images; human figures
appear as if suspended in time, lost in their own thoughts. “I
wanted to show the beauty of the architecture and minimise modern
elements,” says Soo. “I love the geometry of the tiles, the lines
on the bottom of the pool and the typography such as that on the
‘Deep End’ signs.”

Viewers are invited to dwell upon the function of these pools
both as relics of the Victorian era and as the communal hubs they
can provide for communities today.

Each space has its own identity, she continues. “Dalry Swim
Centre was buzzing the day I photographed there, with lots of
children chatting and laughing waiting for their swimming lessons;
it felt like a real centre point to the community. Others were more
serene and calm.” By showcasing these spaces, Soo hopes to
encourage people to visit their local baths. “I’d never seen the
Portobello Turkish Baths in my home city of Edinburgh. I couldn’t believe my
eyes when I walked in.”

“We’re so lucky to have these pools are still in use across the
UK. Maybe these photographs will remind people how lovely they

See the exhibition at Saorsa Art Gallery in Edinburgh from
the 14-28 June 2019.

@sooukdotcom | soo-burnell.com

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