Provence Glory: A Very French Love Letter to the World

Provence Glory: A Very French Love Letter to the World

Flooded with shimmering meadows, tall cypress trees, rolling fields of lavender and countless vineyards, Provence is France’s love letter to the world.

When the Good Lord begins to doubt the world, he remembers he created Provence.

Frédéric Mistral

in south-east France, the sun-drenched region of
Provence is famed for its azure coastline. Yet, beyond the
spotlight of its sandy shores lies a world of lesser-trodden
landscapes. From Roman landmarks and 16th century stone shuttered
buildings to its endless lavender fields and vineyards, Provence is
as dreamy as it sounds. Ideal Pinterest fodder.

Labelled as an artists retreat, the magic of this place has
inspired creatives for decades. Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso,
Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cézzane are just a handful of the masters
that fell for the beauty of Provence. Van Gogh’s time in the light
of the South has since led to Fondation Vincent Van Gogh opening in the heart of

There’s no denying Provence is a feast for the eyes, but it’s
also just as intoxicating for the senses. Some of the world’s
favourite fragrances and wines are grown in these fields – for
every Chanel No.5 perfume bottle, thousands of flowers are picked
here. Continuing to tickle noses, there’s more than 430 vineyards to choose from making it rude not to
spend afternoons glugging locally harvested rosé.

When you’re born here, it’s everything. Nothing else will do.

Paul Cézanne

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