Rajasthan: Characters Amongst the Chaos

India is a country that is changing at an unimaginable speed but still manages to preserve its culture and traditions. As you navigate chaotic streets full of markets and zigzagging rickshaws, it's easy to get disorientated by the dusty, noise-filled air. It's an assault on your senses, which are constantly stimulated and overwhelmed: intense smells of spices, incense and livestock hang heavy in the humid heat, while the city is awash with colour. But just a stone's throw from this cacophony you'll find peace and spirituality in the country's many temples, mountains and lakes.

I visited Rajasthan in the spring 2016 and fell in love with the colours and sounds, but most of all with the happiness and kindness of the people. I wanted to capture the energy and spirit of the city through the eyes of the individuals who live in it. The majority of this series focuses on single characters, whose different personalities bring the streets alive. The images are of people from all walks of life, such as women in traditional dress and over-zealous salesmen. The single portraiture aims to describe what each person contributes to Rajasthan to make it the place that it is.

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