Sa Pippia: Finding Home in Sardinia, Italy

One photographer travelled through Sardinia exploring the people and objects that, to her, represented home.

Sa Pippia (which roughly translates from Italian as "Little Girl") is a photographic exploration of Em Dessi-Makin's Sardinian heritage. Over the course of the winter months in which 2019 turned into 2020, she travelled from the South Sardinian comune of Burcei, through Cagliari - the island's capital - to San Sperate and Cabras, taking photos of people and objects that, to her, represented home.

The images capture moments of serenity and reflection: we see plants and traditional clothing, admire views and enjoy snatched moments of pause during carnival celebrations. It's a calming, almost therapeutic, collection of work that echoes the slow pace of life on the Mediterranean island - an effect enhanced by the use of a medium format camera and hand development.

Many viewers find themselves drawn to the image of a pink curtain blowing in the breeze that trickles through a small alley in central Cagliari. It's the only time that the wind takes a central role in the series, dancing with the cotton sheet away from the gaze of the afternoon sun.

The album is saturated with reds, blues and pinks - red being a predominant colour in the Sardinian flag and traditional costume, blue mirroring the sky and sea, and pink reflecting the magenta which bleeds between the two. It's a palette that seeps from Sardinia's towns to its villages, a visual reminder of the sense of continuity and community felt across the island.

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