Savannah, Georgia, US

Savannah, Georgia, US


Savannah, US.

Why now?

Often overshadowed by neighbouring Charleston, Savannah enchants
visitors with its little-known treasures. Nicknamed “The Forest
City”, streets are filled with oak trees that were planted in the
19th century to provide shade on humid summer days, bringing a
tranquil rural feel to town.

Home to the Savannah College of Art and Design, one of the US’s
foremost design universities, the city buzzes with creativity while
maintaining its old-fashioned manners and quaint feel. Drop into
one of the many cafés (often set in quirky houses) to see students
churning out their latest architectural mock-ups while also being
greeted with a syrupy “ma’am” and “y’all” when you order homemade
banana bread.

Don’t miss…

Savannah has some of the best restaurants in Dixieland. Stop by
The Olde Pink House or Vic’s on the River for local fare featuring towers of
fried tomatoes, collard greens and crumbly cornbread topped with
freshly whipped butter. After dinner, head to one of the riverfront
candy shops where you’ll be greeted by the sweet, buttery smell of
roasting praline. Order a sack and let the sugar-coated nuts melt
in your mouth as you take an evening stroll along the

If you want a day on the beach, head to Tybee Island on the
outskirts of the city. The best way to explore is by bike, so rent
a couple and take yourself on a tour of grand houses with
picture-perfect porches, romantic piers and softly swaying marram

Who to take with you

Someone with a hearty appetite who will appreciate the sunny
Southern disposition.

When to go

Spring. Savannah summers can get sticky, so March
through to May
are your best bet. The city’s many parks will be in full bloom –
remember to look for Forrest Gump’s bench.

Most likely to bump into

A SCAD student painting a mural on the boardwalk.

Essentials to bring with you

A Southern belle-esque wrap dress and some vintage shades.

How to get there

Fly into the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport and rent
a car to give you the freedom to explore the countryside.

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