Secluded Worlds: Sa Pa, Vietnam

Secluded Worlds: Sa Pa, Vietnam

a journey to the far north of Vietnam
on a rattling sleeper train, an ethereal environment unveiled new
surroundings as we arrived in the mountainous town of Sa Pa.

A far cry from the frenetic capital of Hanoi, tropical plants
peeked out of the mist; traditional indigo-coloured dresses were
illuminated against the white background; small terraced farms
floated in a sea of clouds and hilltop villages were transformed
into secluded worlds. A warm glow emanated from bustling cafés and
restaurants, tinting the mist that snaked through the narrow
streets. A gentle hum of cheers could be heard as an unexpected
game of volleyball began in the central square. The towering
church, painted white, faded into the sky above; below, vibrant
hues of women and children’s clothing contrasted against the steps
they sat on.

Trekking out of town, a group of women joined us. Made up of
young mothers and grandmothers, their sturdy, practised footing
helped us to avoid slipping on the damp, muddy ground as they
regaled us with stories of living in this mystical land.

On the path down to the village of Cat Cat, bamboo hung
overhead, enclosing the market stalls below. Water wheels sat
dormant along a wide running stream, as the rhythmic vibrations of
local music seeped out of a building on the riverbank.

It was on our last day that, while many of the peaks remained a
fragment of our imagination thanks to hanging cloud, they
momentarily parted to reveal an enchanting vista of rice terraces
stepping down into the valley below.

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