Lockdown Essentials: 14 Self-Care Products to Enjoy at Home

Lockdown Essentials: 14 Self-Care Products to Enjoy at Home

In a bid to counter lockdown lethargy, we’ve curated a few pick-me-ups to help you relax, stay healthy and enjoy a little me-time. From lavender-infused eye masks to chamomile-scented hand creams, here are 14 little luxuries that will level-up your lockdown nest.

can make us feel like anything but ourselves.
Routine has been cast (quite literally) out the window, while we’re
under mounting pressure to stay positive and actually get out of our pyjamas to join a Zoom call. In a bid to
counter lockdown lethargy, we’ve curated a few pick-me-ups to help
you relax, stay healthy and enjoy a little me-time.

Breakfast, Lunch, Tea: The Many Little Meals of Rose Bakery

Rose Carrarini

Breakfast, Lunch & Tea is the first cookbook by Rose
Carrarini, who co-founded the much imitated delicatessen Villandry
in London in 1988 and now serves her signature simple, fresh and
natural food at Rose Bakery, the Anglo-French bakery and restaurant
in Paris.

Buy now at Rose Carrarini£19.95

Lisa Bra

The Upside

Made from elasticated jersey with fast-drying and breathable
properties and features crossover straps and optional padding for
medium-impact performance. Team it with matching leggings and
trainers to attend a morning pilates class.

Buy now at The Upside£80.00

Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Mask in Hera Brown

Spritz Wellness

Filled with a removable Dried Lavender sachet to help you relax
and aids deep relaxation before. The removable outer cover is
washable and made Liberty London tana lawn fabric. Comes with a
grey drawstring bag for storage and travel.

Buy now at Spritz Wellness£40.00

Pommade Concrète hand and foot cream

Buly 1803

Enhanced rich shea-butter base, the Pommade Concrète, combines
the properties of sesame oil (regenerative and restructuring) with
those of beeswax, which is known to mollify the skin lastingly.
Thanks to its chamomile floral water, this and and foot cream
soothes dry skin, but not only. It is suitable for all skin types,
including the most fragile and sensitive ones. Fragrance-free.

Buy now at Buly 1803£31.00

Dagger Rose Facial Cleansing Powder

Guy Morgan

Leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth, with a neutral faint
earthy scent. Over time it reduces uneven pigmentation and

Buy now at Guy Morgan£40.00

Cleansing Face & Neckline Brush

Buly 1803

Brush tips create foamy rich lather and gently cleanse the skin
leaving a feathery light feeling. The incredible softness of the
Japanese brushes conceived by Suvé is due to the high quality
selected of goat and squirrel hair.

Buy now at Buly 1803£159.00

Super Grip Yoga Mat

Sweaty Betty

The floors yours with this Super Grip Yoga Mat which performs
well for any kind of stretch or inversion. Strong rubber base
ensures no slipping and a comfortable mat thickness. Using an
innovative in-design alignment system, you’ll get helpful placement
guidance throughout your practice to get more from every pose.

Buy now at Sweaty Betty£65.00

Revival Atmosphere Mist

Spritz Wellness

Mood and energy lifting atmosphere mist. Combination of two
stimulating scents works to revitalize the senses. The Revival
spray can be used first thing in the morning to kick start the day
or as a mid-afternoon pick up in place of a caffeinated

Buy now at Spritz Wellness£20.00

Rescue Cream

Björk & Berries

A complex skin treatment formula designed to improve skin
barrier protection, provide irritation relief and enhance skin
vitality. Beta-glucan, the main component of oat extract, prevents
premature aging caused by inflammation in the skin and has a direct
effect on the collagen.

Buy now at Björk & Berries£31.00

Witch Hazel Bath, 100ml

Susanne Kaufmann

The active ingredient derived from the medicinal witch hazel
plant helps the skin regain its balance and regulates its oil
content. Leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. Hydrating and
moisturizing. Skin is gently cared for and soothed.

Buy now at Susanne Kaufmann£22.00

Eye Contour Cream


Gallinée’s holistic answer to your eye contour needs, formulated
with the most reactive skins in mind. Your microbiome is
rebalanced, your skin contour is immediately and durably soothed,
smoothed and protected.

Buy now at Gallinée£22.00

Resistance Bands

Peak Supps

Peak Supps Loop bands are made of the highest quality latex
available, tested thoroughly and able to sustain a safe stretch of
up to 150% of original length. The resistance loop bands are
lightweight and durable, making it a great addition to your kit
bag. The bands come in three different resistances.

Buy now at Peak Supps£9.99

The Super Booster Immune System Support with Kakadu Plum


Personalise your daily wellness routine with our Super Booster
sachets that supercharge any smoothie, tonic or elixir. Each sachet
contains a blend of botanicals including vitamin C from Kakadu Plum
and Acerola Cherry, specially formulated to support immune system
health and enhance immune defence.

Buy now at WelleCo£85.00